NCH Fairfield 1934-1984 (courtesy Steve Green)

NCH Fairfield 1934-1984 (courtesy Steve Green)

The National Children's Home address was 132 Pannal Ash Road and was called FAIRFIELD. There were 8 similar houses, each with 6 boys, 6 girls and 2 female 'Sisters' of primitive Methodist stock. In addition, there was the principal's house (in foreground), a house for the warden (Mr Ray), a Chapel, a community hall & church.

This picture pre-dates Beckwith Crescent (see fields in top left) and was probably taken in the 1950s, maybe even earlier as the trees are very small. By the 1970s, the former principal's house was being used as a nursery school and a new house had been built further up the road where there is a large tree in the picture.

Photo supplied by Steve Green, a former resident at Fairfield until 1953 and a pupil at Ashville College.

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